Innovenn, Inc.

6410 Enterprise Lane
Suite 230
United States

Tel: 608-203-9749


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About Innovenn, Inc.

Founded in 2013, Innovenn is a 100% women-owned small business with an over 50% female workforce. Innovenn, Inc., helps client’s develop patient centered leading edge, AI-enhanced, medical device software (SaMD). At the intersection of engineering and data science, Innovenn and our collaborators take deep learning into the real world to improve human health. We leverage the latest advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and strong engineering foundations to guide development of software that is regulated as a medical device (SaMD). Our team has expertise in program and technical project management, quality management, product risk analysis and mitigation, human factors testing/user insights, and regulatory strategy/submission support that enables our clients to launch disruptive health solutions. In everything, our goal is to improve health outcomes by helping clients envision innovative ways to meet patient needs.


Innovenn President and CEO, Mary Dixon, shares a little bit about what we do for our clients, and the patients who benefit from our commitment to quality.

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